[Astronomical observation] 88 constellations

Many signs floating in the sky. But I like a lot, actually only 88. At least because it stars invisible even in the southern hemisphere, while also going low.

Because there plenty of stars, constellation of lot number…
I thought, truth but not so. What is the number 88. I’m actually not 100.
Twelve out of the 88, the 12 zodiacal constellations that everyone knows.
Also though there where famous Pegasus, Andromeda, Orion.
There are further seen in Japan, found only in the southern hemisphere constellation.
Chamaeleon, table says, octans tight seat, APUs are not seen from the Japan. Indus, Dorado, Nisus Tucana, circinus, pavo and ARA, date and voluntarily, Volans, Carina, Triangulum australe, serpens and reticulum is partly visible from Japan.
Try this astrological remember fewer.
Constellation looks depending on the season or even be limited. Why not? Thought I don’t have a vast knowledge of things familiar must dash? Look for the constellation looks now, first of all to remember. It is certainly fun.


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