[Astronomical observation] so memorize the first stars

When you find the constellations first stars and mark bright. Keep in mind that should not hurt.

It is difficult to find so many stars of the constellation of. So how do I do?
The answer is best shortcuts you remember the first stars. EH? Can’t remember what every Prime stars? It does not have.
Even from only Prime star is not only 21. The bright 2 stars in 3 stars 67, barely over 100-190.
4 Stars will be greatly increased, but would severe here would view with the naked eye in bright urban areas. It is half that of not visible just below the horizon. So it is I don’t really remember many stars so far.

21 一等星

What is the first stars? Name and colors is as below.
White: Sirius, Canopus, Vega and Altair, deneb, フォーマルフォート
Orange: アークツゥルス, ボルックス
Yellow: Capella, and Centaurus alpha
Lemon: Procyon
Blue white: Rigel, アルケナル, Centaurus β, Regulus, Spica, Southern Cross constellation α, Southern Cross constellation β Red: betelgeuse and Aldebaran, Antares
Many have heard of the name is?
Vega, Altair, deneb is the Tanabata, Aldebaran and Antares is the 12 zodiacal constellations Taurus and Scorpio is familiar. How is it? It is to know. Out of interest, try to find in the night sky. Soon you will find it.


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