Ready for astronomical observation

If you begin to astronomical observation, be ready for this long.

I’d love to astronomical observation, do what for? Just enjoying simply watching the stars it is nice, but these are very useful.


Is a sky when seen fit the scale of the date and time, is understood.
Aren’t many that have touched on, such as a science experiment in do you? Is cheap, so get to put hands.

Star chart

Star Board is only effect about knowing the summary only.
To know more so that good will. Each area is written the name and position of the stars, star. You could use astronomy software.


Astronomical observation at night is me just doing light source is required.
To move to, of course, looking at books and star is required. So useful headlamp type and use it with both hands. However, because light is too strong and M23 star is NG.

Cold ringtone

Cold is important because it is night.
Especially including spring becomes cold than you think.

Cold ringtone is, of course, as well as Cairo is a good idea. widgets


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