[Hit! -Newbies] [article summary: how to finish on the further model kits

Unassembled model kits have been bought intact ( = great built-in ) let you decorate too good, long-awaited make, well made you want to leave is cleanly. Finish better dramatically by so much for people to add one. While this one is of beginner’s first steps. Together let’s level!

To turn off 合わせ目

It gave off unnatural 合わせ目 just can be formed on a plastic model is better looking. About how to turn off 合わせ目 “[hit! -Newbies] how 合わせ目 Eraser’s model kits “Please read.

Sumi put to

Groove in model kits Gundam marker, color, highlight the stereoscopic. Sumi is model kits of the impression of great state that ought, put, and will highlight the line stereoscopic and look better. Sumi put regarding how “[hit! -Newbies] Gundam marker model kits, SUMI put way to “Please read.

Matte process to

Plastics of half-assed, so incontrovertible that looks like a toy model kits of the great State will matte process. Frosted processing instructions “[hit! -Beginner] how spout frosted agent model kits, “Please read.


Basically, take action on the three order just great and model kits combine the different finish. This time, these articles for HGUC is not had together while taking pictures, while assembled Zaku, the model kits make fun yappari! While making had almost innocent in.
A helpful since time was limited, that moment of perfection, coarse to will? It boasts recipe, recipe of questions for you, please please share this Web site.

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