[Hit! -Beginner] Gundam marker Gundam model kits, SUMI put method to

Model kits SUMI put is for what to do?
Because in a nutshell it says to look better! Begin with SUMI and putting, also refers to the paint condition, one painting techniques in model production. To clear the unevenness of the surface of the model to do using body paint color contour to work, so he should close, looks like the shadow color. Gundam marker SUMI turn to black, with three colors of gray and Brown do.

Materials required

  • [vc] model kits [/vc]
  • [vc] model kits markers [/vc] (black, grey, Brown)
  • [[vc] swab /vc]
  • [vc] design knife [/vc]
  • [[vc] toothpick /vc]


  1. HGUC used in times of 合わせ目 eraser uses the Zaku again. Will pull helpful instructions, and line concave portion of the model kits Gundam marker. Do not care is bent slightly to はみ出たり. Good with black Gundam marker to dark brown, and other eye colors, such as grey, red and yellow, thin, white color (is a matter of preference also).
  2. It はみ出ち is part of the wipe, swab. Gundam marker oil, must quickly wipe. Contaminants also and I’m はみ出ち it can rub and toothpick. Could still design knife Cape. Chobits in, and 取っち ショリショリ and rest.
  3. This SUMI put before and Sumi put later. Power pipe and face the SUMI putting has gone. Surprising and Sumi is so good it is.

Notes and tips

  • If you feel part of the concave molding inexperienced with what sharp (it was also dedicated tool), and the mold deep?


This model kits marker SUMI put ran the other way SUMI put SUMI marker model kits other than sushi, as there are ways to put the there are some tools for. So not tried myself, will not mention them, you know a way anyone would be appreciated on this site appreciated.

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