[Hit! -Newbies] how to put of model kits

Got the long-awaited model kits make beautiful! Of that, we introduce how to turn off put . When combined with plastic model parts and put disappeared, is called to fill the gaps that technique. Remember at inconspicuous put ‘s newest Gundam model kits is put you not at all, or to come frequently use nandakanda techniques, so there is no loss.

Materials required

  • [Vc] model kits are put
  • [vc] glue [/vc]
  • [[[vc] highlights clip /vc] or [vc] washing /vc] (if any)
  • [vc] design knife [/vc]
  • [vc] water filing /vc ( about 1500 )


  1. First, try unite. This time let’s HGUC Zaku tried working on trade. This is part of the leg, fine gaps will empty it. “So, let’s turn off the 合わせ目.
  2. Apart the crossed parts. So easy to break down beforehand, it cut part pin angle (intact and had gotten Chichiri is so difficult to break down).
  3. Paing in glue each part. Then again, just not paints over and over again. This is glue bonding method and relationship. Because plastic is melted by thinner contained glue melted plastic, crimp, glue. Kaname is glue over paint, plastc. So the glue protrudes beyond the parts do not care.
  4. After paining glue and get parts together . When combined with the putting’s strength, hold press the parts together. And so the menu I and melted plastic ones should come out. When it is OK. Featured clip, clothespin, let dry two or three days in the State. Dry half-also that seems to be they hug by thinner volatile have buried the long-awaited clearance.
  5. The protruding plastic stirrer scrapes, after water filing in parts filing to cliff. Rubbed and are evenly it did wrap do have water file by hand, than something of compaction. Point part just comes around and is OK.


Is manual steps can make because to take 2-3 days dry care, waste of time seems less and making, no need to parts should be turn off poing only, to point turn off while waiting to dry.


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