[Easy] delicious noodle shop and got of check method

Must point basically seen through delicious noodle shop. Delicious ramen from Mr. introduces how to check whether.

1 ) shopkeepers are doing in one

Ramen is generally the owner their one store I said.
Also doing part-time job and a wife, and also
But shopkeepers are doing is preparing the essential noodles, soup Delicious noodle shop, is a necessary condition.

2 ) menu, only the frame!

Delicious noodle shop is basically gaming only noodles.
Curry and Table D’Hote menus there is path. ※ It delicious.

3 ) clean store

Delicious noodles is like many clean stores, until every corner of the store.
Cartoon or put messy, dirty bottle of soy sauce and vinegar There are a lot of much roughly, no taste.


Is already above check does not apply in the popular noodle shop
When you went to ramen and other General

Come, please check.
  ☆ Note

All delicious noodle shop just because isn’t true ashikarazu. Amazon.co.jp widgets


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