Coins worth more than face value

Coin prices become que par over conditions, such as the issuance of among collectors. Here are some of such rare coins.

Giza 10

It is commonly referred to as a “10” Giza”. This refers to jagged 10 yen to rim. The most popular “coin value”.
Is exactly
(0/1951) 1951-1958 (0/1958) Published 10 yen coins The thing is.
Children were attracted in the rumor that is worth, not much worth. Because has said about 1800000000 cards in circulation and not including unused, as long as not worth.
Unused, and 1000-million values as they are manufacturing if the coin shop 0/1958 at 100 yen selling seems to have is.

Pride 5

Pride 5 is also mildly popular. Characters written this Serif is a ball of 5 yen. “Japan country” a “, concerning” and it is is kinda cool. Now, the Gothic general circulation.
Pride 5 was precisely
1949 (0/1949) ~ 5 Yen issued in 1958 (0/1958) coins The refers to.
However, as it is not manufactured 31 years from 0/1954.
Pride 5 value seems likely to moderate Giza 10 more.
With value of 50 yen from 30 Yen said. Also is and worth 500 yen coin 5 yen issued 0/1957 of.

0/1987 50 Yen coin

Lucky to have 0/1987 the ball 50 yen.
There is a whopping 8,000 dollars worth has said.
All ball incorporates Mint sale coins set ( mindset ) ¥ 50’s 0/1987, not in general circulation. However, it is kinda because people rarely destroyed money set to use it, get in change.

0/1987 500 Yen coin

About 1000 Yen worth.
It also 0/1987 500 yen from not issued only 27750. So somehow worth the high image is 16042-ball even 500 yen of the 0/1989, much less is it.

0/2001 1 Yen coin

Because the number of coins issued less 0/2001 is invaluable. 1 Yen seems to be a whopping 50 yen. It is worth 50 times.

0/2001 100 Yen coin

Publishing fewer coins also 100 yen for 0/2001 is invaluable.
300 Yen ~ is said around 700 yen worth. Issuance number low is coin 100 yen 0/2002. 200 Yen to 500 yen value is.


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