Passing prayer toy introduction-sweets and food-

Awareness of examination, which increases in the world this time annually Various pass pray for sweets and food will be released.
At convenience stores, including familiar place 2012 also You could find the ineffably various gourmet sweets and food.

Victory V potatoes smile hikes taste ( Coachella )

It looks look jagged potato side V, from victory Mark V, About the taste of Gouda cheese “Hi! Cheese “and” GO!
-Cheese “and over the Is the product exist auspicious.

Kit Kat red Pack ( Nestle )

-Package to the specification in two different flavors everyday is the auspicious red and white.
Is too famous, in that “kitkat > I win” Is every major product pass pray for candy as is.
Individual packaging back to prospective students Messe-you can also pass the written page.

受かり ングルズ (P & G)

Pringles light salt taste as passing prayer version Has sold for a limited time.
Under the package is ineffably with EMA.

Knauer cone ( Tohato )

Passing prayer sweets called “caramel” “canel” term is.
5角 likened the rice taste of cherries, golfing star caramel cone is everything? And is rather luck element of caramel corn.

Vocal ( Meiji Seika )

Carl’s “vocal” and “pass” the unique naming. AJI little cheese flavor and taste of curry is released.

Money til point making ( Maru-CHAN )

“Noodle-making → point-making” and has become so bogged down that naming.
Related to the generation of neurons in the brain cells, DHA also turned to study at midnight Refreshing and delicious it is.


You introduce what is a fraction of the
Also many passing exam sweets and food is sold.
Good luck special packages which might
A chance to meet rare limited time flavor.

When you stopped at supermarkets and convenience stores, Gen why not try looking at 担ぎ? Passing prayer sweets at Rakuten market search


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