Cat [pets] still won’t go out

Black kitten miso Warbled fell a year ago. Now relax and live in my house. But one problem….

Out of the black cat is called Gigi. And Gigi and my wife and daughter back home no matter what you go pick up door on the fly.
However my son and I came home, were ignored. Be playing in the hallway purposely retracted back is terrible. We would about always paparazzi followed home around and move in the House and gladly jump into the shoulder and 巻き付いたり neck like elimä playing at.
Man is what will frighten the cat? Upon together in the room is nothing to be afraid not to. Not very DV. … Check out there Web.
It was so. Chemistry is so good with women who are cat is. High voice quality and behavior is calm.
Has the mystery was solved so now as much as possible in a high voice, speak to it in “unctuous”. As a result ….
What remains ago. Now that is prepared for long war.


The men in the world you shouldn’t give up. The cat who had come up.


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