Efficient learning method

Introduce efficient learning method.


  1. Learning will not want to erode and anything important? In fact, more is how to study efficiently.
  2. You diligently and do it without first rough to do it. First whole ensure quick. I diligently doing good or why are you doing about it even from forget to forget what it is. Is the can be doing roughly make quick repeat after 1 week 3 days after the review is unite memory more efficiently. Featured without once and so memorize such reference books as remembering repeated 3 times in nature. And remember is easy.
  3. Also, from a review when you start studying! So far sitting on the desk, first memorized the last of the review. Let reciting the words I have learned and the head. Tend to think review is troublesome, is studying fact most efficient way. Also be able to start studying last review, so 煩わせず care is a benefit of this approach.


Efficient learning method and steer the grades up!


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