“STOP:c0000218 Unknown Hard Error” appeared in the PC troubleshooting

Describes the solution at “STOP:c0000218 Unknown Hard Error” appeared in the PC.


  1. C0000218 the hard disk for errors, called a heinous error of unknown cause, “death error”.

    Is the error Windows most evil class that arrive soon complete solution not been developed.

    Your PC is probably most likely can’t start anymore.
    As a workaround
    To install Windows in 3 separate partition with the UNIX operating system that connect other PCs 1 HDD 2 KNOPPIX decryption for PC only, such as notebook PCs with the console, not only one, we recommend 4 times 2 ways.

    2-Way is the way to rescue the data by using a bootable Linux OS only a KNOPPIX CD.
    In the mobile force, so from the other PC
    Click here (deploy iso file ) baked the http://www.rcis.aist.go.jp/project/knoppix/ CD (700 MB), use to start from the CD.

    Almost certainly data can be rescued.
    How to use: http://www.rcis.aist.go.jp/project/knoppix/ 1. 3.

    4 Please see here. http://park12.wakwak.com/~iktryc/diary/2004/c0000218.html#rescue


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