How to discard the PC

Introduces how to discard the PC.

Materials required

  • PC disposal


  1. Is disposal costs are high.

    ( ※ PC recycling mark no model assumptions )

    1. Is it most of the regular recycling.
    Worry if that data here is at best.
    Instead, the recycling rate and effort most takes.
    By manufacturer and model number is Orthodox rates
    ● for desktop

    Body (about 3000 yen)-(4000 yen) + monitor + shipping cost
    • If the notebook PC

    + Shipping cost is about 3000 Yen

    ※ Peripheral cannot be disposed here.

    Below like this ↓

    Dispose of your data completely erase software from then.
    2. Permitted in to the computer SHOP owned.
    That model is unknown not anything buying available depending on the model.
    Free do it anytime.

    Taken disposal costs if the worst of everything…
    3. PC recycling service
    Please try searching ‘PC-free’ net.
    Commercial lot comes out.

    However, prepaid is most shipping fee will be charged.
    4. Electrical appliances recovery vehicles
    Is often company who offers free recycling in the Kanto and Kansai regions, depending on the model.
    Shipping time is similar to 3 saves.
    I think that it takes cost: 2000 yen.
    ( always ask ago collecting it )

    Also will 引取って the peripheral also incidentally is common.
    5. Auction
    Anyway it is a model. Be that as if you consider.


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