Practice writing writing! Students for on

Although it is a hobby level after all, he likes and it is writing some texts.
the now when the power which makes a text its feeling and idea is demanded — at any rate — なら — giving text power like play happily. [, such as a report, a short article, a book report, and discussion, ]
It is fairly pleasant although there are probably many persons that he is poor at writing.

which will understand and practice what is called for
It divides and explains to a


– report and a book report
A report here writes not the report of an experiment but the comment of “lecture, etc., and is the thing of a type troubled just for a moment ?.”
It often occurs that it is troubled saying “There are no comment” and only about two lines can be written after all.
Since what is necessary is just to only summarize – consideration as a result of a method in case of the report of an experiment, it is conversely easy.
– which remembered that he was able to get interested first if it was a thing of the type submitted in the end of a lecture, and was interesting about it — it is not finished as uncanny etc., but if a thing with what [ interesting ] and where are swollen as you thought that it was uncanny, and they are written, at least a paper half can be written immediately.
Unify the hardness of the vocabulary in the sentence end and a sentence as foundations.
When finishing seeing what has stories, such as a book, a movie, a drama, comics, as practice which writes a report and a book report, I think whether it is good to think well by that which is called “He felt how in the present talk? ? which was able to carry out empathy to which character” in about 5 minutes.
Even if it thinks – which was vague and interesting, it is fairly difficult to summarize an idea finely.
If it comes to be able to carry out a focus shortly after the heart was moved here this was interesting, it will also become early to write a report and a book report.
If it is heard from the start in the feeling of writing a report, the lecture etc. which were regarded as boring are interesting unexpectedly.

– short article
I feel that it is as difficult for what is written and the contrary of other many as those who are reading a book (novel) for a short article.
The liver of a short article is spelling the opinion of one logically, and must fail to delete a subjective portion entirely.
Taking care is analyzing and incorporating writing a paragraph by dividing into three, an introduction, a main subject, and a conclusion, fundamentally, deciding the flow of a large frame and writing a thing like a memo, before beginning to write, the data shown and you experiencing usually, and the thing your experienced.
The thing (it is easy to come out of the problem in accordance with a time) which reads the book about society and the familiar problem of a scientific field and which is taken care about the subject which comes out on a newspaper or television becomes a measure.
For example, if it is the year which had a Nobel prize winner’s announcement if it was the science field, it may be made to write about big discovery which has what kind of influence on a life of persons with a winner ordinary research, or is taken up also by general newspaper and news program.
The rest is only practice ある, and if it is written as four five, it understands tips generally.
If there is a teacher who corrects, it will make progress early.
It is writing to paper, however writing carefully is important for this without forgetting the feeling of writing in order to tell what he considered to those who read.

– discussion (opinion sentence)
Write for some schools may be said.
Since the opinion sentence should just express the opinion of it anyhow, it will be completion if the sentence which takes care about relation of sentence end expression and a sentence, puts in its own experience and clear data, and is persuasive is written.
It is allowed even when it is somewhat forcing, since it is the opinion of it to the last.
It is easy if there is a custom of arranging one’s idea from usually.
Since it will be spoiled at a stretch if there is a relation defect of the miswritten word omission of a word and a sentence especially if it is an opinion sentence, please take great care.
When it comes to the manuscript for discussion, it is different for a while, and this is a sentence for talking.
expression and between unclear only by considering talking toward many persons and hearing it — a dish — it is putting in another way, if there is a place where the same expression is repeated.
If it actually takes out to voice, a one who is talking is often uncomfortable.
Moreover, if it is an opinion sentence, even if many ornamentation is attached and it writes it for a long time somewhat, since the direction to read is advanced to the point at its pace, it is not so moved by pain, but if there is no break when hearing it by discussion, it will not be clear anymore whether thinking may be settled temporarily and he will get tired where.
While the text for discussion cuts Kazufumi short, what it waits for so that I may have you understand my idea is a correct answer.


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