Advice for parents to child care

Are you good luck with the parenting parents advice.

Parents, let along as much as possible.

At particularly young children, parents, 振舞いましょう along.
Before the children and parents would have bad relations
 Is feeling anxious children. Having anxiety in children, we’ll have.

Let’s avoid the documentation as follows.

When bringing up a child for the first time, and the books, such as reference,
 Tends to be convinced trying to parenting, according to the manual.
Too much, and too obsessions decided, cannot respect for children,
 Will they let stand.
Children have little time, Let us give to hear children’s desire as much as possible.

It is important to health to parenting.

Foster children themselves to be healthy.
And had caught a cold, not enough parenting also
You may end up moving cold children.
Health management properly, just in case, have a cold or a mask, Drinking cold medicine ahead of time to allow raising neat!

Is my child growing well is a child.

Is, I again passed mid-30s
For the handicapped, also currently cohabiting parents with parents.
Because housekeeping and meal is paid to parents, for parents,
Has your parenting, even this old sensation is like. I guess my kids are not limited to age, has been a child.


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