Door in the back! “Hurt winter electricity how to prevent

Why electricity often happen in the winter is the “layering” and “air drying”.
Dress up repeatedly during the winter, ESD may occur is friction wear between.
Also air dry, and electrostatic will difficult to fled into the air.
So it is often something to touch to discharge and back. Quite sore wrist back. Introduce the three ways to relieve the pain.

すりすり hand and touch the doorknob hurt

すりすり hand and touch the doorknob signal that is touched the back of the hand is transmitted in the brain.
When you touch the doorknob, static electricity back back and confusing to transmit brain signals that are “touched” the same “pain”, even pave the way. Results will be back those painful desire.

In addition to say tongue twisters

“Well next guest persimmon customers eat” and touch the doorknob and hand すりすり say,. To concentrate on awareness of different pain, feel the pain as well as back.
It hurts people who are not static methods.

So first of all not static you

When you touch the doorknob comes back out, and home front door go out is no more will came when??
And when the ground wearing rubber sole shoes, refuge without electricity will see more and more. However, not make accumulates electric Indoor shoes, ran away to the ground. Back and this not from applying the ground touching doorknobs so far isn’t the sole good part of the heel.
Because it is often static easy-to-place people are often wears shoes. General Electric easily as natural materials such as wood and leather shoes, rubber, bypassing the electric electricity tends to accumulate. Just a slight often depending on the structure of the material and shoes.


Era wore “ridiculous” and “thongs”, back and wrist to happen so not a problem unique to modern.


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