Treat to teach generations aren’t familiar with PC tricks

Teach how to treat the PC does not usually become PC, such as parents or older people, people, is a trick.

And anyway

When you work with always carefully and slowly, over.
If you do about people not accustomed to the speed of your familiar is often.
For example, wait until icon should press anywhere on the screen when you click the icon or person recognizes firmly that is important. Cryptic style similar to string and reverse black and white for the first time emphasized design and surrounding bars and icons. Even your usual working you can instantly find is people unfamiliar with the time required.

To the faithful

Use convenient features such as keyboard shortcuts or right-clicking the dare.
Back from operation skill and will to disrupt.
For example, if you want to copy & paste, choose “copy” from the menubar “Edit”, then also takes to choose “Paste” from the menubar “Edit”. Click to select the item from the menu bar. Then, you can perform the following actions listed. And choose the purpose of.
Order and so on, follow step-by-step. Processing speed is less obviously, if you want to go from one satisfied the said method and.

Consistent with the same operation takes the same way.

For example, the system as well as forward to the next screen press Enter, click “Yes”, that is. Let’s unite decided in this case either. Now screen screen enter the following: click “Yes”, such as tone that compensates you. It is from a more focused one catchy.

All good selectively

Where I was wrong? “in this way is not good for? “And would sometimes get questions.
However, is dangerous to begin more commentary here.
It is from consciousness is away from the story expanded subsequently to the commentary on the question, now taught. What is important is pecking “have you taught to remember”. So the answer “is not understood well, I this way has taken” finish the story will be safe.


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