Tricks to achieve a work deadline

Work content to digest efficiently is the point.


Decide the priority of job tasks and concurrent, 取り掛かりましょう from the important things.
Instead of the number of days, focusing on the quality and quantity of work, and decide priorities it may not. You can create a To Do List is none the less efficient.

Think of physically possible?

Determine whether appropriate compared to the workforce is set to the amount of work. This is a matter that must be firmly observed in the planning stages, the body and sometimes added work, falling into lack of personnel. Feel insignificant and increasing headcount or extend the delivery let your supervisor.

Precisely determine the goal

Finely divided the work, defines 1-stage goal as some amount of work.
While maintaining this motivation, prevents from sense of accomplishment that produce, work speed delay. Also, can determine so much or spend much time planning increases further.

Writing ideas

If stumped, 捗らない work is to think, to organize the head writing paper things I’m thinking. Check the point overlooked by writing a new might have gotten the idea of efficiency and how.


To achieve work efficiency, advance planning becomes in the liver. Let’s keep mind conceiving a plan ahead carefully, work deadline to meet.


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