Order book look Bookshelf tricks

Bookshelves lined ponds book. Is not particularly aware till Bookshelf book suitable for pushed tend to given messy impression throughout the room.
Consciously organize bookshelves, look good and changes the atmosphere isn’t either. Is the arrangement of the books in the Bookshelf.

Side by side with the color

A beautiful Bookshelf look, and sure to align the color next to each other’s book as much as possible. Rainbow colors as red and pink from yellow-green, blue and beautiful looks and sort.

Thickness it aligns with the same book

If you have only color overlooking the entire book, which looks like this same thick books next to each other we have arranged. Also hardcover is arranged another location, such as classified and arranged 並べましょう.

Height it aligns with the same book

If the height Let’s arrange arranged thick but not now beautiful Bookshelf.
Should be a beautiful Bookshelf is mostly for the arrangement of different heights. For example, if the height of low book try arranged in order the right way to the left,. To book of the same height, line color, thickness and when.


Each type Bookshelf size and height, and has everyone I think is different so indiscriminately say, classification of these three classifications, approaching a beautiful Bookshelf.


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