Points to keep the room tidy

Also put away the messy room, also soon, messy so I can’t.

The closet storage

Let’s use a peculiarity that storage location.
Generous space and closet, determine the storage location.
In addition to household goods and clothing and is useful for separating made storage box types to move it. However, look for priority abandoned, becomes しまえなく storing things, new 入れ替えましょう want to store goods and.

Put things within your reach

Noticeable TV bench and floor to tend to it arranged Mono inadvertently space in the right.
Do not put goods reach = visible, so that.
Noticeable to take storage location as soon as possible, it looks a mess with Mono,. Making tables on dedicated storage box for remote control, such as air conditioning and TV, and keeping good will.

Location was put back

From will cause clutter using to leave things as is, always using Mono back to where it was put. Clearing is not difficult if weak, even revert just think. It is do so as a simple example, when you are finished reading magazine back private rack.


So room beautiful must to reach is relieved and keep things like…, damn. Let’s start by you first change the life style surrounded by things they live, or not to buy useless things.


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