Air conditioning savings tips

When you use the air conditioning is trivia about the power saving

Driving better deals air conditioner for a long time!

Is the startup when air conditioning use, use the most electricity.
This means that when you chill the room began.
Say, to cool the room for feeding room exhaust air dash outside and cool outside air dash, is used very large power.
However, just room temperature is the temperature to maintain room temperature air conditioning will be the power usage decreases significantly. Annotate with than to wait for a long time preferred total is deals.

Reaffirm the importance of clean air conditioning

Air conditioning, capture the indoor air through the filter, cool outdoor air through filters, fire room.
If a dirty air conditioner filters, because it decreases the amount of air inhaled is need extra turning the fan unnecessarily consume power.
Therefore air conditioning filter properly let cleaning. Latest models, and so equipped with automatic cleaning, is troublesome is recommended replacing power consumption dropped significantly, most models also.

Fine tropical night with air conditioning

Fatigue remains impossible to conserve electricity, electrical, tropical night without air conditioning, very 寝付く day…. If you are experiencing, or aren’t you are? Need no longer to be so patient.
Electricity has been used very much until 20: during the morning when the 9-night basically.
However, because power decreases significantly after 23: 00 at night, electricity and good night, and can use air conditioning in the amount of approximately 1-3 minutes, 1 / 2 day. Also depends on agreement is roughly 1 kw, 10 yen. Is 30 yen during the day.


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