Point person unable to “tidy” should be reviewed

Personality cannot be tidied up to recommend point and should be reviewed.

“Sloppy and” is not a good addition and subtraction

When your room is long, anyone who wants to relax and think. Somewhat sloppily spend is required sometimes. However, dangerous to exceed the limit. Negligent behavior are habits and not now, while rooms to rough it accordingly.

Cleaning the toilet to postpone

Clean and you tend to think capacity if toilet or bathing area to. It is a pattern that eventually remains untouched. When cleaning is from the toilet. Dirty hits of supposed dirty toilet is clean, not before arrangement order of consideration to function effectively.

Temporary leave off clothes

It is a bad habit should be called and I have 分かっちゃ if you can’t, stop. It is the typical manner actions. Or collapse, or laundry basket. Just choose one from the three options. Just because an opportunity clothes were scattered on the room disturb the room want to care.

Attachment is unnecessary things.

Overflow room frog thing let’s look. Was really necessary? I think. I hear frequently 捨てれない Mono, this is one dependent things. Wasted shopping also becomes the refrain is not produce could also lead to savings.

Think nice accomplishments for the time being

Believe is the feeling of trying to organize the island first, piled it seem. Is it repeatedly together now, including other from books, DVDs, clothes. But, of course, after the cluttered. From failure to do so under is not stuck.


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