Various keyboard cleaning method

Not many people know how to clean, and not particularly clean. Introducing the toy, useful way to clean.

Use a can of compressed air

Keyboard cleaning staple is a can of compressed air. Trick is inclined at 45 degrees to spray through the keyboard.

Use isopropyl alcohol

Wipe the isopropyl alcohol be good. Incidentally, peels off the keyboard printed characters may be because that use ethyl alcohol. I suggest rather than alcohol spray directly on the keyboard, and included cloth wipe

Use the handy vacuum cleaner

Take beautiful junk snacks such as convenient handheld vacuum cleaners. Toshiba “puzzles you boy”, such as handheld vacuum cleaner available USB ports has increased.

Enjoy CyberClean cleaning

Maybe toy slime-like keyboard cleaning was born in Switzerland “サイバークリーン” keyboard cleaning is enjoyable, unique touch. Keyboard Banja gone and simultaneously that impose and dust is beautiful. It is excellent take various germs.

To remove all keys

Is tech needed patience quite a good and thoroughly clean it up removing all keys. To record the keyboard placement, turn off the PC. Screwdriver, remove the key, each wipe clean Let’s go back to the original.

Use post it

Post it enables easy cleaning. You can take the dust and scum using Paste on side.


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