Use baking soda

Does not seem much baking soda and used for cooking only? It does not have. I’m baking soda will help, including cleaning. Use baking soda to eco, or want to make cleaning?

How to clean

And paste in the use of At the rate of water 1, mix baking soda 2. Effective in cleaning of the vertical locations such as walls and stubborn dirt. Over time water is lost because screech noted.

• Use baking soda water. At 1 / 4 teaspoon baking soda creates 100 water. You can use the MOP around the kitchen and floor. This is cleaned up even in the fridge.

Use the bath

Put the baking soda bath, heat becomes easier to draw a bath will be smoother. Use baking soda to clean the streets even after hot tub cleaning easier.

Deodorant spray

Put 1 tbsp baking soda for 500 water, mix thoroughly.
Get a spray container use only. The acid neutralizes the weak alkali, will turn off the smell. There is also anti-bacterial effect.


Cheap eco, is baking soda handy, avoid using Igusa products and aluminum products.
Will it hurt. But be careful, very handy so come and try.


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