Parenting I think the way

Bringing up children is very difficult.
Many people have different ideas and know-how
I think that’s the correct answer is no. But I think only so much I think.

Sometimes I have a child, always thinks the heart
It is a Word.
However, rather one word someone showed me
Is the word I have parenting experience on the felt.
Is my child’s other high school students
Experience, has raised the son of the high school students Is thought that a seeming and childcare, and OO.


You thought I been parenting, is most important
Is that not only child.
It is not that really pay attention to body.
Young children think and looking at the parent is good facing child too
Grows as a, from the children and looking at the

Is looking at changing what children are watching.
It is feeling rather than fit parent orientation, and show parents the same direction.
And so parents suspect their same child is feeling,
So, also parents are also not suitable child I think and is no longer even when not 子離れ such as or.


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