Deals with shipping methods

The many opportunities in recent auctions in shipments to increase isn’t or? 済ませません or even a little bit cheaper, identify which shipping methods are advantageous or when such a thing?


As everybody knows, will not do? It is a familiar post office parcel delivery service.
Rates vary depending on the size, weight is characteristic.
However, limit of 30 kg light weight all sizes….. Corresponds to the maximum size of 170.
Best benefits is attached to the compensation. Because zip code tracking system, you can check where the luggage NET.


From ancient times is the postal delivery service. Does not correspond to the maximum 4 up, but so much usability is not good.
Unlike the Yu-Pack, fares are determined by weight here.
No variation of prices by delivery destination. Drawback is no compensation. You cannot use the fragile.


Here is a post office delivery service.
500 Yen special envelopes ( height 248 × next to 340 x 40 mm depth ), can pack and send up up 30. 250 Degree where if A4 flyer.

Kuroneko mail flights

It is offering commercial services.
40 Cm long edge vertical + horizontal + within, thickness 2 cm is the total thickness of inexpensive ones less than 1,000 g weight up to 70 cm to send service. It is often store site using e.g. DVD. However, no compensation so please note.


It is also to provide commercial services.
Shipping is based on weight and size here. The shipping and size better if, in either of the default weight of over is over. Light I have but little weight, or greater, will be more expensive.
Service offers a ぶん配 we charge is higher than any other.


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