Power saving method of kitchen

Kitchen use every day.
Is the careful saving even a little today
Nice done from what on Earth? Introducing the power-saving measures in the kitchen we can easily.

Wipe off the water at the bottom of the pot

While water was at the bottom of pots and kettles, frying pan, and put on the fire, because moisture evaporates from the fire through the Pan wasted gas prices takes. Water droplets attached to the bottom of the pot Let’s use always wipe off from.

At the bottom of the big things in the pot to cook

And Cook, little pot, stove fire will scroll off the fluid. Fluid’s big thing in はみ出ず fire to Cook, and takes the waste gas bills.

Boil the pasta in a frying pan

Large fluid pan is great I boil the pasta. Skillet is on heat is transmitted efficiently passes fire with small amounts of water. Boil 10 minutes in a frying pan is possible even for the pasta pot.

Hamburger on the grill burned in a frying pan and bake in the oven.

Grill hamburger, heated in a microwave oven frying pan with grill burned inside. Don’t worry about fire Street in microwave ovens is to 生焼け.



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