How to take advantage of stuff quickly becomes garbage

Many things just normal like throw away things but little change perspective, it is reborn.
Means, such as ordinary garbage thrown away here, MO here-how to reuse. This can save resources and money!

[Empty mayonnaise containers]
Exit of mayonnaise is ☆ type container is useful for baking cakes.
First, wash your mayonnaise containers into beautiful.
思ikkiri, shake, then put whipped cream from the container. Then, in a few seconds of completes whipped cream.
So it comes out ☆ types intact, very useful!
It can take advantage of pudding and desserts, cream cake, at least not eat with bread.
[Have a slightly larger bottles emptied]
Spaghetti-use 1.5 liter PET bottle size to save.
You can move easily, and good sealing, put spaghetti into drinking bottles to wash.
Spaghetti saving containers such commercially than as telling ぽ and convenient and inexpensive.
[With candy, the drying agent]
Throwing away the bag of sweets and starches containing “desiccant” as it is. Take the moisture will very much active. In old pantyhose, stuffed with drying agents, put the shoes in, put in the closet.
Moisture will prevent mildew.
Will put inside the ice became unnecessary garbage and deodorant. Use kitchen easy and crisp summer time especially.



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