[Knowledge] fragrance free deodorant wisdom it deals

Mechanism for chromatographer. deodorants and introduces the usage.

Fragrance free deodorant works

Traditionally of a deodorant scent, such as lemon and osmanthus fragrans
With fragrance was almost
In recent years, no scent of fragrance deodorant came out.
Fragrance free deodorant works, by the chemical reaction
Is the substance out nasty odors disappear.
For example, is for toilet deodorant
-Deodorant ingredients to use the components easy to react and the smell of feces
No odor constituents varied fecal odor components.
Incidentally to chemical changes this component
Depending on the type of foul is different.
Toilet, entrance for room We sell are divided into use of is that I want.

Characteristics of gel deodorants

Features the gel deodorants
So do not react to foul ingredients away, but Is not suitable for use in space.

Deodorant use, such as living space

In space, such as the living room You can using an aerosol of quickly off the smell.


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