[Simple] leave more children's paintings

It is thrown away long-awaited child drew a lot of waste.
Also, keep a sketchbook, but non-existent, possible somewhere
It is often quite beautiful to leave.
Leave a picture world looks in the growth of children. Introduce some unique way.

To print the t-shirts and bags

Send the original drawings of the children, and choose the size and style of dress
More lovely, cool, also filled with creativity
Entrusted to print the illustration based on the You can get a t-shirt designer to put your hands.
:14,500 ¥ t-shirt- 8,000 Yen bag:-
[ChuChu > http://www.chuchu.me/index2.html

Put the postcard and the amount of leave.

Send one original, and with or without colouring
Postcard and greeting to data processing.
Coloring available on request to get create two types of design proposal for You can make the card design choice.
Postcard contributions: 4,200 yen-
[Children’s painting and > http://www.codomopaint.com/index.html

The plush

Character and Monster children drew pictures, send photo data
プリモン master of international professional staff picture based on the Will produced handmade stuffed animals.
¥ 6,800 Plush:-
Start [マイプリティモンスターズ] & sound so be careful. http://www.myprettymonsters.jp/index.php

Goods to pictures of children in their

Might be a little difficult but in his pictures of children Goods that are available. For the book here.
“Goods in”children’s drawings”–cute. Leave and present ideas 40 >


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