[Idea] disaster handmade lamps

You can be prepared easily now in preparation for a power outage, Introducing because “light” was introduced.

Materials required

  • Salad oil
  • Papers of Tesch
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glass cups


  1. Wicks building
  2. Wick recipe (2)
  3. It is finished.


That connects to the scanner 5 about three hours, the amount of oil used longer in small quantities. Feature of this lamp is safe to use.
The flashpoint of the oil, said 360 degrees.
However, if our system you can see the oil temperature is room temperature
Case Cup fell even fire won’t attaches to oil.
However, aluminum foil each that like 飛び出さぬ from the Cup, the Cup is important.
Be prepared now, rather than from power outage in make.
Without any worries and you set, such as jam jar lid with, spilling out can be used at any time. So you can make in just 2-3 minutes, please try.


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