Disaster [idea] how to carry water from water trucks 2

If you had to cut off the disasters mobilized water car
To ensure water from water trucks pumping water tanks and buckets at hand does not And show you how to comfortably carry water alone.

Materials required

  • With carrying suitcases or bags
  • Plastic bags (thickness mouth thing is preferred)


  1. Plastic bags into water
  2. With carrying suitcase, bag
  3. With solid and bag mouth The figure put the suitcase back with Carey.

Notes and tips

  • Take water efficiency alone.
  • Any type with carrying suitcase-bag is fine.


Measure of drinking water per person a day, said three liters.
After that 3 days until the water takes one week water recovery 6 liters,
It is 18 liters.
After this four person’s family, will be 72 liters volume.
Put 18-liter and 2-liter bottles nine minutes, Select the movies within 36 minutes to 72 liters.
Is drinking alone. I think in time it is important to ensure 運べて more water.


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