Disneyland attraction “Monsters Inc.” ridego seek!

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Area: Tomorrowland
: Ride type
Duration: 4 minutes
Riding 3 people (2 adults) size: x 3 tram
Restrictions on use: more stable without the auxiliary seating area
Open: 4/15/2009
Le renewal: 5/1/2010
Sponsors: Panasonic Introduction of FP: Yes

Monsters, Inc. “ride & go seek! For more information

Views by the tram looks completely different.
If you ride still tram no. 1 before the column is recommended.
The tram rotated even slightly violent nature. In the official HP “Monsters Inc.” ride & go seek!
Dedicated HP t (s).
Weekdays is limited, Disney hotel guests good news!
Use “happy 15 entries”, absolutely!
Attractions based on ‘”monsters, Pixar film” “.
Should you prepare, details will be out more you can enjoy the attractions.
Attraction is the building appeared in the film Monsters Inc. (ink)”.
(Ink), “Monsters Inc.” is the screaming kids turn into energy companies.
If you watched the movie again? ~.
Movies in front mission-“WE SCARE BECAUSE WE CARE”.
Japan language and translate it, will be seeking is scream we are.
After the movie is set for attractions,…
“IT enables S LAUGHTER WE by RE AFTER” that has been changed.
Japan translation is asking is you laugh, we.
Ride the official name is “Security Toram”.
Write to Security Toram.
Open was originally rounded light.
7/20/2008 Than light-was renewed.
Difference tram every form of light, Mike and Sally, Roz!
From 5/1/2010, is a completely renewed!
Monsters like to react to the light!
Seek real anyway it!?
Set of attractions is the night.
By morning and daytime, go from cast “Hello” and is greeted.
“Sally” voice actor’s Hidehiko Ishizuka.
Incidentally the “Mike” is Yuji Tanaka (problem lol).
Finally Roz talk toward the guest, vault reports,.
Actually words here is different everytime.
“Turney-first, do not forget to bring Flash Lite-”
“○ second daughter,’s next boyfriend or not-”
“Her second circle, stylish looks fit so damn and I-”
“Everyone laughed I unpalatable 3, it-” improv full etc.
If incidentally birthday stickers stuck…
“-The second sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to”
“I’m wearing a cute dress, and Miss CHAN’s-”
If you have head Minnie ears,
“You’ll quite crappy and ear-”
Could you say!
From lot more different patterns can also be speech sounds!
Monsters Inc. released 5/20/2009 on new DVD and Blu-ray.
Its name also said “Monsters, Inc. Disc Premium Edition” title.
Attractions making video are included as a benefit.
Tappuri is rare footage!
On the opening day of the recording standby waiting for 330 minutes!
“Monsters & ink company store adjacent to”.
This shop is a shop to use monsters who work at monsters, Inc..
Monsters ink employees to include in the shop.
Trophy is adorned with when was honored in the past. Shop front car is a car of Mike.



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