Tricks to sit like seat can be used in the Disneyland and sea

Is sit 100% Super attractions front and love seats. In addition to teach each of park attractions recommended.


  1. Is cast when boarding piers are going to ask OK.
    When his turn towards the cast casually
    Ask “is to take the front can be?” and smiled.
    Then wait beside aside, “just a moment?” priority will ride next front.
    Too busy even if not be refused.
    Not just in the front row is my favorite seat of course OK!

    I and various tastes are each, or find doing “seat’s recommended” reference.
    System of Government popular attractions recommended seat land??
    Is also the front is good of course, surprising good looking! Visually bad and so at the beginning of an automobile’s front is.
    Especially sense of screaming double at night.
    [スブラッシュマウンテン] Especially recommended on the right side of the front row.
    Is direct under the splashes swoop last. Of course photo also Pat!
    Commanding and is on the right is the TDL views.
    [Release ペースマウンテン]
    Is front row again, or swooping, best visual effects when climbing.
    Anyway also the thrill of best front row!
    [Sutatsuazu] The last row is recommended. From behind towards shakes violently!
    So also seat high back
    Is no longer interesting is 浮かせば feet into the air to do that too.
    [( Toontown ) gadget’s go coaster]


    Is ミニコースター, so now would end up front and visually the doubling of the speed recommended.
    System of Government popular attractions recommended seat sea??
    [インディジョーンズアド venture]
    3 Columns, 4 next ride in total twelve rides is absolutely front recommended! Visibility is the best! “Fools increase!
    “It can face directly affected by smoke and location at the front.
    From the “Crystal Skull” come to the right is the right recommended may. Incidentally the fool first!
    “Besides pattern that is likely.
    [Storm rider] Than in the Middle, behind the central part.
    Front row is much recommended does not. So shaking looks beginning near the last often greatly is backwards is a-line.

Notes and tips

  • This way is not if the theater of attractions.

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