‘Recommendation of comic masked rider Spirits’

Introduces the “Kamen Rider Spirits’ as recommended manga.

Muraeda Kenichi “Kamen Rider Spirits” and コミカライズ as the name suggests, Showa version Kamen Rider that work is. Story is a story depicting the battle of BADAN and former rider in the tenth Kamen Rider Kamen Rider ZX, centered.
Successive rider studded with’s also seems to be emphasizing the nostalgia boom of recent years is just what thin and that isn’t or? Okay, so it is not.
Kenichi muraeda portrays the cartoon is a big masked riders this is Margiela original, even finer setting faithful to recreate and portrays the redeeming part was not drawn in the TV form. Former rider, of course, nemesis of executives who, desperate to figure is a spectacular sight.
Comics until Vol 16.
Would end up in limbo due to discontinuance of magazine is published. However, please rest assured. Series moved to monthly shōnen magazine, we followed as the new Kamen Rider Spirits’. On like a rider, by all means read this comic.

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