[Cartoon] ‘gambling ancestry transfer zero recommended manga’

Let me introduce ‘weekly boy magazine series in gaming ancestry transfer zero’ as recommended manga.

People taste taste is varied.
Recommend tidbits, though, make sure that everyone can enjoy is. It is sometimes divide favorite works and hate work in the same author’s work.
But ancestry ‘ gambling transfer zero”or recommended any layer. A little nasty ‘Kaiji’ movie I likes it, I think…
It seems and that lends itself so. From why speaking or compared ‘Kaiji’, author of ‘zero’ and same Fukumoto Nobuyuki Mr. ‘Kaiji’ is.
However, “Kaiji” and serialized in the youth magazine, shonen series is ‘zero’. Are hard like ‘Kaiji’ shonen series that has moderated somewhat,. Also rather than Dame man in Kaiji’s hero like gambling addiction, and reverse the truth is a man with a say best brains.
From essential 1 gambling is defeated the Kaiji Bout for the rematch, shape is not. Therefore, go to Sakura relatively spared. But rather, I 1, so it and just gamble at the end of the…….
Book at first division until vol. 8.
Resumed part II is not only up to the two-volume book still at after a long silence, of authenticity is easy.

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