[Comic] Introduction to magazine’s manga time Kirara Carat ‘

4 Koma manga magazine ‘ manga time Kirara Carat ‘ of introduction.

4 Koma manga magazine ‘ manga time Kirara Carat ‘ of introducing. This magazine manga magazine that four so-called MOE is adorable girls come back plenty comics magazine.
And that’s it, like or aimed at targets was part of the thing. 4 Piece is first high quality of 10 minutes, as the cartoon.
Many works were animated and evidence. Animation by hidamari sketch the GA geijutsuka art design class, “A channel”, “キルミーベイベー”,. Also Theatre of animation ‘ k-on! “The sequel to Azusa side also is serialized.
One page has fewer works, numerous works appeared, also the monthly guest participation from other magazines and Rookie of the year.
So is depicted with various movies like never tired of various attractions is recommended. If there is a shortage… But depending on the writer’s often steep withheld. It is enough to enjoy it even without the work.

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