[Cartoon] “Featured Roboketto” read the first book of

Fujiko of f and and Fujio’s “featured Roboketto”or better know works is asking? Is the older kids work was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1963.

Of f “Fujiko and, Nachi-fujikoshi majestic volume” has been published from Shogakukan. This work is in its third term.
Was serialized in learning Magazine monthly parent was bought at elementary school. Is a talking robot that can be transformed into a rocket, Robokettothat participate actively with the boy to recklessness. Cannot wait really had read exciting monthly.
Half-century just still draw the caricatures and smoothly.
Red body, limbs and part of the black arms, legs and head is white. The window is part of the stomach, back had a cockpit. Facetious in shape which passes this character (look similar baseball king directed a little) is often enough to still think.
Because not expressed well imposing figure that Roboketto the Web look real pictures.


Covers up early like say Wisteria child comics origin to this series work. Is seen to read non-Wisteria child fans who still is?.

I understood the secret origin of the popular Doraemon. Introduction to buy from amazon Roboketto 1 buy from amazon recommendation Roboketto 2Introduction to buy from amazon Roboketto 3


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