[This manga is amazing! 2012]’S now ranked # 1 in the works! Screen-printing black jack creations

Previous “wow great! “In Palace Iwasaki: original book was introduced by Yoshimoto Koji [Black Jack creations confidential] that year [this manga is amazing! 2012] (Takarajima-Sha) in was voted no. 1 of the popular vote. Do you try it reading works of this author drew this opportunity?

Is because did not put the information networks too much recently, cartoon did not know until recently, the mail from the authorship [creation story Black Jack] had contact with big repercussions are willing.
Published annually from Treasure Island [this manga is amazing! ] In popular vote no. 1 of the year is elected. Authors interviewed had implicated published a slightly as I thought really happy.
I think I enjoyed the season everyone ride take this opportunity to work with the author’s other works. From work will feel the heat.


[Weekly shonen Champion: the new era [Black Jack creations confidential] from the latest four times because of the so posted consecutive please give read. Was presented in the occasional series ever is now followed by read.

What story?…, I am looking forward to now.  Related posts: [comic] Tezuka Osamu insect revival! Now I want to read two books


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