How to write a novel when read

To write a novel when important up to write. However, does not rise so far only single-mindedly to wrote. It is important when reading.

From going to write a novel, yes I have read many stories…
Is often assumed, and is nowadays not even. That novel as secondary creation manga or anime, just casually wrote a Keitai novel to many.
But it’s not a bad thing.
Enjoy above all is. 
However, or must like wants progress so hopefully writes it? But writing also written becomes a similar feeling. Because that should be the same person that wrote it.
Also read many good at writing professional novels novels in progress, is important.
Interest of the story, of course,
Would that be learnt at the time of the writing of what is the difference between amateur and professional. But is it stealing their skills hekotarezu there.
Is a plagiarism to imitating the content of the story
Grammar writing skills to steal. Take learning to learn, how to draw character and background are all.
Then try writing fiction again,. 
Something はじめません happen in the grammar so similar that only ever? If there’s nothing you write stole more skill.
Repeat it I will surely taste of the texts will be put.


Wrote can write important reading matters, however, be careful.
Not necessarily models will all books are sold as a book.
Strong writing habit who is better, and usage of grammar is wrong. Instead of that model and are talking about, try to read their, to examine the evaluation is immutable.


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