Get knowledge and know Tavern

Introduce the two knowledge gotten in the tavern. Knowledge of your wallet-friendly!

[Banquet costs to minimize]

When the people gathered some do banquet and tavern
Secretary Mr. is what with even a little cheaper.
If combined with 30 people, banquet, feast course and after all you can drink,
I think quotations in person about 3000 yen. But do the banquet in a way, can cost reduce 3%, 2.

Apart a banquet course without how food
Drink all you can drink without the order method is order.
“Yeah, and got to eat and drink a lot, And I prefer the unlimited all you can eat drink deals?
“And I think it might be.
Is it? and indeed to feast in a large group of people, 3000 Yen also serves will all everyone?
Unless very fast paced restaurant Do split the individual orders at all, should be tempered considerably cheaper.
Present of course often liquor stores by the number of feast course
May end up being forced into But as soon as the negotiations.
They say when you order apart and embarrassed Order and wrote the only cooking together paper take suggestions and etc.
Incidentally drinks a beer mainly less cheap. However, because we don’t know is this way passing by the store, remember the calculation before.
Alcohol [cost]
Commodity margin the largest tavern is sour cocktails and other drinks.
Reverse the small margin is the beer. All you can drink, if you want to retrieves cocktail is better than beer. widgets


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