Dramedy wear a kimono clean

Adult first time wear neat clothes! And how many.
Unlike kimono dress, unfamiliar to many. Introduce the tips wear kimono experience, ceremonies, and clean.

Furisode when walking

When walking in a kimono, reduces stride so easily raised foot チョコチョコ walk in and often were easy to sandals.
In this case, and walk a little foot inwards and walk a little, looks beautiful.

When Crouch furisode tips

Dropped the thing as is very clean squat. Also, I think and skirt the sleeves of the kimono or about ground.
So have the hem of the sleeves together left at squat pulling a right leg and Crouching to will.

Tricks with stairs

To go straight up and raise the legs too difficult. And be a little bias, which goes up stairs guests comfortably.

When the Chair tips

I think there are a lot of people put on the knee sleeve hem
Every time it moves the arm that drops from above the knee. After sitting without its best use under the thighs, falling.

Tips for when you go to the toilet

When you go to the toilet, is disturbing.
Plug the wrapping sleeve left arm 1 time for each volume remained with the band under Feel free to keep moving the arm, band also obstructing the will.

Note the fitting time

If when the dressing beauty salon, hair salon on the day of booking early equivalent,
Ceremonies starts after dressing up Much time would be available.
Actually, I also chose popular salon for we book early in the morning, but,
Such as dressing and at home Now wait for about two hours.
Kimono, so sitting on the Chair cannot be anything two hours. Since early morning drowsiness is terrible, and
So, because a band not leaning back Because there bring back of a chair next to the NAP.
The benefits there are popular hairdresser dressing book
Because they take the time to one, It looked for a place neighborhood, in good time to get dressing may be good.


So the ceremonies will be memories of once lifetime I hope you enjoy health day with the room, a fully!


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