[Tea] thanks for more of green tea

Not that suddenly received a tea party invitation? Briefly describes the sweets and green tea, how to bow, how to thank you for it.


  1. When invited to a tea party, too much exposure of heavy clothing and ornaments and じゃらじゃら dress up It is safer.
    As much as possible, but don’t necessarily kimono When to go out dressed scrupulous let. Even light is okay during the ceremony.
  2. Entering the venue, and flowers decorate the first 愛でます.
    Is well understood. It is good you’ll feel current consideration.
  3. The following get seats.
    If you sat down to tea, proprietor come and greet you. Every fan yourself ago when it the greeting.
  4. Candy comes around.
    The person next to the “ahead” with voice over, put myself ftocorocami, Ftocorocami place their candy.
    Next to rotate the sweets, Will be out of my black. During the ceremony is often dealt one by one.
  5. Next comes with green tea.
    When the artistry that starts, see.
    Most tea of the “temae” will behave as seats of the From the 2-seat, will be 点てて in the cupboard.
  6. Prior to his and put the bow.
    Pick left quietly in a divorce note, 愛でます bowls that remain. After that, avoid front turn three times, for green tea.
    Easy finally saw said, Clean drink.
    After my drank wipe the Bowl a little finger, also 愛でます Bowl. Back to the front of the bowl, ago you leave.
  7. Later after the artistry is away.


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