How cheap watch Kabuki [first watch]

I want to go from Kabuki to The high price?

I think image said.

At 3rd floor seats “Act see seat” deals.
During this time particularly in Tokyo’s Kabuki-za and Kabuki

Introducing the way it cheaply.
   System of Government Act watch and seats?

Is the seat of see, want to see only one seat on the back of the 3rd floor seat kabukiza repertoire.

Rates that you like and saying
 (1) See all repertoire cheap
   3Rd floor seats


B seats 2,500-5,000 yen ※ performances vary.
  (2) An act seen seats
    1,000 Yen

Concert 20 minutes ago will be released.
System of Government for ticket purchase please click here.

Finally, Tokyo Kabuki-za, comes now, for construction projects construction
Has closed the 4/30/2010 closed expression has.
It is, that will begin in 2013

Please try coming above please help in other theatres. ※ The status quo, other theatres Act see seats did not.


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