Aroma's cockroach control

Using what the cockroach measures?
But nice commercial removal agent.
What kinda would hesitate in homes with small children and pets. Measures how much recommended when the aroma is.

It seems nothing at first glance, no cockroaches and aroma,
Any living thing it smells, is what it likes and dislikes.
It is so, if you put aroma they hate the smell of cockroaches. Then, and hate the smell of cockroaches?

It is Mint system.
Is valid, such as Peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon.
Dipped in water with smells bringing エッシェンシャル oil drops in the bucket
So the cockroach spray can will point.

Perhaps impregnate the undiluted cotton, make room smells good spread in the room?
Mint of the mind, also when the hot is cool,
When the cold effect that makes you feel warm. It is one-stone including cockroach squashing.


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