[Fishing] procedure from hashihama stephanolepis cirrhifer fishing

Introducing the step from hashihama stephanolepis cirrhifer fishing.


  1. Autumn season is summer 狙い目 stephanolepis cirrhifer fishing. First available ESA. A stuffed animal clams, krill and アオイソメ a good idea.
  2. The location read. Stephanolepis cirrhifer is such lively Reef and Sandy have good points.
  3. Finally goes fishing. The かわはぎ fishing commercially will good gimmicks.
    Beads, such as reflection or with reflector because many thought too friendly and the location of the pick and good will. Put the feed until the bottom soon put the yarn, wear, has hit bottom after. Lightly あおったり, wiggle and 震わせたり invitation. So 噛み付ける will pick let between always between invitation and invitation, please.
  4. Stephanolepis cirrhifer per appear bellying to wiggle like poking at. 引き上げましょう dash Additionally moments come when poked.

Notes and tips

  • Stephanolepis cirrhifer teeth are sharp, so let’s 釣ったら several times to replace the needle.


Let’s stephanolepis cirrhifer fishing is difficult fishing affects the arms and caught after try at fish supper goal!


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