[Fishing] flounder spinning procedure

Introducing the flounder spinning procedure.


  1. Flounder is 狙い目 point reef like there some places Sandy mud bottom. First available ESA. Viper is best, but so expensive can substitute 10 minutes even アオイソメ. In if you want hanging large effect there is great food.
  2. The location read. Changes in the submarine, ship Street, tide, such as よれる and かけあがり have good points. In the season autumn spring and especially 11, 12, 3, is April a good.
  3. Rods are okay in General for spinning rod. This is the best for spinning reel goes flying. Two contrarian gimmick is recommended gimmicks. Flounder fishing rust revelation waits for pole position. Uncharted is necessarily far so good, try out various length and will.


It is colder, caught a flounder joined boiling in, try hot body nor the mind??


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