[Fishing] steps: cutlassfish

Introducing the grouper fishing better.


  1. Rockfish is increasingly colder may from 11 September.
    Winter and early spring is particularly 狙い目. First of all Let’s prepare the food. Grouper feeding is mainly stone lugworms and Hebi. Especially Hebi is early morning and daytime is recommended.
  2. Let’s read location. If のべ竿 on the 駆け上がり, floating around the tip of the embankment, tetrapod and obstacles, such as if the fishing is recommended.
  3. After the launch gimmick fueled the rod slowly turn the invitation. When the rod was conceived when the let to per go either so be careful.

Notes and tips

  • Quiet when the wave is recommended rockfish.


Is cold during the winter fun rockfish, we joined boiling, why?


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