[Fishing] know about the black bass

Recently various TV variety shows, fishing was taken.
 Will the increased appearance of actor and entertainer is competing for the size and number of fish you do. “Black bass fishing in such showbiz fans often, using the lure of ( ) dash”. To begin with and black bass, what fish?

And black bass?

Origin is a freshwater fish of North America’s Suzuki.
 Originally the term “black bass” by collectively ( largemouth bass ) “ラージマウスバス”, known as “Florida black bass” Besides the mouth smaller ( Smallmouth Bass ) “smarmausbus”, genetic differences of another large mouse than in the same way.
 Businessmen take from California as edible, 1925 in Japan, Hakone ashinoko-fish being discharged into the Lake is at first, is popular worldwide as the target of the lure present in cooking as well.
 It is also many anglers are intended or how fish large world record achievement of the prizes went out in the United States.
And the surprise world 7/2009 big news flowed. What a 73.5 cm, 10.12 kg black bass hauled in Shiga Prefecture Biwako! Japanese is caught. This record is applying for formal fine as world records certified as you. The black bass world record class there is still Japan by this? And attracting attention from around the world.

Why black bass is a “black”?!

Look at the appearance of the black bass, especially not 黒くも “why black bass? “And do things I thought? Because black than rather green-ish is green “vs” better?
 Or is would have thought. This referred to, not as a “black bass” in General ラージマウスバス Japan, smallmouth bus is derived from the dark color of Smallmouth bus juvenile is citing from. Representing the ミクロプテルス genus belonging to the two species are Smallmouth bus, the Smallmouth bus is will that representatives of the bus on the academic apart from the fishing world. Will be in convincing then the roots of black bass is Smallmouth bus also do.

Mass is not known as “black trout”!

Old age black bass were called “black trout” (クロマス) was. Tanaka s. ear doctor fish scholar in pre-war newspaper “ASHI-say parodied is called black trout, Lake Trout, and the bus is called the black bass. “And has said and wrote things spread. Is had detected mass called クロマス and it you are paraphrasing and black bass, as had misunderstood mass companion bus said.
 In addition to Reed-Lake or is called black trout, it actually didn’t. Most it seems or is will be Taiwan name ‘Suzuki California California 鱸 =”getting on as a nickname.


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