Get to know the black bass

Explain and black bass, no fish.

And black bass

In the fish originally were discharged edible purposes to Japan fish from the United States that black bass (aka ラージマウスバス).
Black bass fish comes to the total length of more than 60, female average at 40 cm average male is 60. Wariness high adrenaline is difficult, has more than 60 others is appealing.
A fish and scattered Japan throughout the year can strongly Japan climate. Curious is a carnivorous, omnivorous fish, shrimp, insects etc. Lure fishing but it is a fish Eater is famous, too.

Seasonal fishing method

How fish upset to attack the nest of the black bass lure EveryZing, regardless of the season, greet spring spawning season (spanning) are guarding the eggs might be good.
Aware surface temperature rise in summer, so stop water, such as best.
The same man and fall so temperature tactfully, according to the arms will be easy to beach.
It is good because temperatures drop considerably winter the same man, so I’m with black bass getsu attack, worms, etc.


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